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The Assessment Tool

Developed through a consultative process guided by the CSUDP Secretariat, this assessment tool provides a framework for assembling Best Practices (BP), identifying gains in Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) to programming and leveling key attributes of Community Participation (CP) in programming to further inform design of urban development interventions. The tool is designed in a way that it provides a simple stepwise guide to enable organizations working with urban development concerns measure and gauge the level of their contribution using standard parameters and indicators that are globally benchmarked. With the use of this tool, the organizations may also be guided on key areas of improvement in their own initiatives. Though intended for urban sector use, this tool may well be applied in rural circumstances.

The use of this tool is not limited to CSOs, but can easily be applicable to Government as well as private sector urban development initiatives.

Navigating the Tool

The process of interacting with the tool involves:

  • Selecting one of your project/programme which you think addresses all or any of the above 3 strategies
  • Putting together the project/programme documents
    • The organizations strategic plan
    • Project/programme proposal
    • Project/programme monitoring report (s)
    • Project/programme periodic reports (Quarterly, semi- annual, annual etc)
    • Project/programme evaluation report – in case the project/programme has been evaluated (mid-term or end-term)
  • Select the assessment parameters for each strategy relevant to your project/programme
  • Establish that the parameters are contained in the respective organization and project/programme documents
  • Determine how far the parameter have been calculated or measured in the documents
  • Give the degree of calculation  or measurement a score
    • If a parameter has not been mention in a document , score = 1
    • If a parameter has only been mentioned in a document , score=2
    • If a parameter has been given a value (figure, ratio or percentage) in a document, score =3
    • If a parameter has a value and the change in that value has been measured, score = 4
    • If the value and the change has been measured and also the number of people who have experienced the change, score =5