Since the establishment of devolved government, CSUDP has tirelessly contributed to the establishment and operationalization of urban institutions, particularly given the backdrop of new support through the World Bank and policy & legislative reforms at the national level to facilitate the strengthening of the urban institutions. The key issue has been how to marry the enthusiasm in establishment of the urban boards with that of the Citizens forums, which are equally envisaged in law and an important framework for promoting governance accountability and transparency. The second aspect has been mechanisms for citizens’ engagement in the delivery framework for NUA, especially at the grassroots. CSUDP roots for self-driven innovative solutions that are resident at the community level but go largely unnoticed. The organization also promotes appreciation for social planning approaches that place the community on the driving seat of determining their priorities and levelling their ambitions, though no formal framework is in place to support this approach to planning. Third on inclusivity of cities, challenging the design and standards of infrastructure, the quality of environment and accessibility to all citizens in respect to movement and services.

Building on the citizens priorities on the Big 4 agenda, KARA and CSUDP has partnered with several Municipality Boards such as the Kitui Municipality Board to organize citizen engagement forums. The forum between citizen interest groups in Kitui and the newly established Board was held on 25th April 2019 at the Agricultural Training Center in Kitui County. This forum provided an opportunity for the citizens and the Board to engage on the development agenda and service delivery in the municipality. Priorities raised by citizens included: expansion of representation from the Business Community and any other expertise as may be required to the Board, establishment of marketing facilities, parking spaces, repair and maintenance of the street lights, establishment of rehabilitation centers for drugs, alcohol addicts, development of social halls and youth resource centers, solid waste management and health centre issues.

CSUDP continues to offer technical support to the Kitui Citizens Fora, on their engagements with the Board and the County Government so as to enhance social accountability and service delivery in the County and to ensure that there is continuous and structured engagement between the Board and stakeholders at the County.